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Nikkisnylons get together INVITATION 21st November 2009

Hi All,

The next Nikkisnylons get together will be held on Saturday 21st November 2009, at the "Old Nick" pub 22 Sandland St, London, Holborn, WC1. Please see the link below for details of the venue with pictures and a map.


I have arranged for us to have the entire pub just for us for the night, starting between 18:30 - 19:00, with last orders at 23.30 and pub closing at midnight.

For those in need of a hotel, please contact me, as I am setting up hopefully a group special rate in a nearby good hotel where I have stayed previously.

As before I will be flying into London from Spain to be there. I also hope a few other webmodels will be joining us on the night, as will many of the regulars from previous meetings, my groups and site and other stockings/nylons groups. I will also try to organise a small get together on Friday evening the 20th November for people who cant make the 21st but still want to meet up with me and others. This will also be central London, and we may go on for a meal after drinks.

ALL are invited! - unlike so many other get togethers, meetings of "clubs" or groups, this is a FREE ENTRANCE EVENT in a public venue, with no need to pre-order any ticket, or buy a expensive meal, - although the entire pub is reserved "just for us".

What to expect; - The evening is all about having a chat with like minded people, having a drink, getting to know others from the groups/Nikkisnylons and around the stockings wearing "scene". Some of us will be going on for a meal afterwards, or arranging to have food brought in to the pub later in the evening or "after hours". Some fingerfood or a buffet CAN be provided, but i will need feedback and firm reservations for this in advance. Attendance in the past has run to be mainly couples with a few singles in attendance.

ALL Lady attendees will receive a small attendance gift, and as usual a "best dressed" contest will be held with prizes for the top 3 vote receivers. - This is a voluntary event where ladies walk along a small "catwalk" showing us their outerwear and a flash of their lingerie/stockings, which is voted upon by the attendees.

The event will once again be supported by a small number of highly reputable and friendly manufacturers and retailers, as well as myself, in order to provided the gifts and prizes and to bring attendees a view of the newest styles available, (please note though, this is NOT a sales event).

What the meeting IS and ISN'T; - It IS a social event, it ISN'T a perving event, swinging event, or an event to be disrespectful to others. Above all, it is about having a FUN evening with like minded people.

Dress sense; - Men and Ladies, - smart casual is fine, Ladies with stockings please. If you wish to dress more formally, then thats also fine. This is a public setting, so ladies, if you wish to wear conservative attire with just a hint of nyloned ankle showing, or micro minis with your straps showing, or anything in between, thats up to you, provided it is not so far over the top the police are called! - lol. Ladies, if you wish to show anything off to the attendees, thats your choice, not mine or theirs and the rules below apply. CD/TVs please dress as you would in order to feel comfortable in ANY public venue.

Rules: - Politeness is expected and hoped for! please remember that No means No, and lets all have as nice and trouble free a meeting as in all of the previous ones, (this is the 10th so far). Be aware, should this not be the case there is a house bouncer on call. PHOTOGRAPHY; Due to the appalling lack of sense shown by some attendees in the past, NO CAMERAS OR PHOTO TAKING PLEASE! (including by phone), There will be an opportunity for a "keepsake" group picture with all ladies willing to be photographed AFTER the event itself. - Thanks.

Im Looking forward to meeting all of our friends again and putting faces to names of new attendees, and meeting all of you who can make it! Lets hope we can top the record numbers of over 100 last time!!!

PLEASE use this blog to email me to "sign up" if you ARE COMING, (not if you arent, or have commentary about the meet). - Thanks.

Venue info;

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