Sunday, 28 June 2009

Nikkisnylons get together, London November 21st 2009

Hi All!

Just to let you know as early as possible that despite rumours to the opposite, i WILL be having another of my free non ticket get togethers in London on the "Erotica" weekend on Saturday 21st Novermber 2009.

As always, ALL polite people are welcome, do understand this is not a "Swingers event" though, as per all the past years, this is an opportunity for all people who wear, like and admire stockings and fine lingerie to come together for a nice evening of drinks and chat.There will be a "Best Dressed" walk with prizes, and attendee gifts as always.

Full details will be posted as soon as possible, as i am currently scouting for a new venue, following the last two years over crowding (100+ attendees) at the previous pub, ANYONE WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS OR KNOWLEDGE/RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A FREE VENUE IN CENTRAL LONDON PLEASE CONTACT ME URGENTLY.


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