Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Meeting report from November 21st 2009, Thank-you All!

Having just got back from London to Spain we wanted to say a BIG personal thank-you for all who attended my annual stockings get together at the old Nick pub in London on Saturday November 21st. This was the 10th event and in our opinion was even better than all previous ones!

Always a bit uncertain of how many will attend, - it is still a FREE open invitation event, I was really please to find out at the end of the evening that we had 102 people attending, including 5 other webmodels/webmistresses! Good to see so many "regular" attendees again, as well as many new people. We had attendees from U.K. Sweden, Italy, Spain and Portugal this year, with the couple from Portugal winning the prize for the furthest travelled, (but only just!). We also had a new venue in the Old Nick pub, which was reserved just for us on the night, and this seemed to be a huge hit with all attendees being polled on it. We look likely to make this our venue for the coming years. I hope all who attended had a great time? Do write and let me know.

I will be sending a personal thank-you note to all who attended and left their e-mails with us.

As always, the evening wouldn't be such a success in my opinion without the support and sponsorship of certain comapnies and individuals, who (like myself), see Stockings and fine lingerie wearing as far more than "just a business" and who not only supply prizes and gifts, but also dedicate SO much personal time, as well as putting so much effort into supporting us actively on and before the day itself. This year, this reuslted in not only superb prizes for the best dressed ladies in the voluntary parade, (Steel boned multi drop Basque from "Kiss Me Deadly", Animal print 6 drop basque and lingerie voucher from "Stockings and Romance", (thanks also for the gift of the "pin-up" girdle for me!), and a voucher for lingerie from "Nylon Dreams"), but also a extra prize of a blue and black boned cincher from "Playful promises" for the farthest travelled lady, dozens of pairs of modern stockings from "Silky Sensations" for all attending ladies, dozens of pairs of fine vintage stockings from David Morris, (not a shop owner, but an aficionado, donationg as always from his personal vintage collection), for all ladies in the parade, as well as significant discount shopping vouchers from "Silky Sensations", "Playful Promises" and "Hepburn and Leigh" AND to top it all off, a "lucky dip" box from "Kiss Me Deadly" once again stuffed full of gorgeous lingerie, offered to all the ladies to pick from. The dozens of pairs of modern and vintage stockings I put into the orgy of giving were hardly needed! lol. - WOW! As said on the night, "an embarassment of riches". Thanks again to you all.

I wish to especially thank Catherine and Dave (in a suit!!!) from Kiss Me Deadly for once again coming along to support us from the very early evening, decorating the pub with excellent posters of their models and distributing discount vouchers to all tables, despite it being one of their busiest times of year and them having worked the stand at Erotica all day! We also had two Models/Burlesque performers in attendance support Kiss Me Deadly (and us), - Miss Sofire Rosa and Miss Neophyte, who i want to thanks personally for their attendance and help on the night.

Please DO visit the sponsors sites and support them in return, - They deserve your custom!
As im not allowed to put links up on this Blog, please either visit my main site where the links are displayed, or mail me for all the links.

We really enjoyed our evening and i look forward to welcoming everyone again next year, and maybe seeing you all again before that?



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