Monday, 17 November 2008

Banned from SHQ after 7 years, Ah well, Never mind!

Hi All!

Following a series of ever strange mails from David at SHQ and histotal lack of support for his customers or myself, i would like toclarify the situation. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SHQ. I AM BANNED FROM SHQ AFTER 7 YEARS OF SUPPORTING THEM, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WISH TO SUPPORT STOCKINGS EVENTS AND MEETINGS I WAS ORGANISING AND PAYING FOR, BUT WHICH THEY WERE PROFITING FROM, (like everyone coming thought theevent was theirs, and bought goods from them for it).

I would urge real stockings enthusiasts to use alternate shops, which I willgladly supply you the names of, for same brandname, cheaper goods.

Sorry to say goodbye to all the regulars at SHQ forums and chat room,and i hope you will drop me a mail to stay in contact, also about next years event, and perhaps arrange to chat on alternate chatrooms.

Just email me:



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