Friday, 30 November 2012

Nikkisnylons get together, November 2012, London. – The Report.

Hi All!

Having just got back to Spain from England, we wanted to say a big personal THANK-YOU for all 100 who attended my Annual get together meeting in London on November 24th and the smaller informal get together on the 23
, especially as the weather was so terrible and many people had to brave floods and torrential rain to be there!.

Good to see “regular” faces again, as well as so many “new” people. We had attendees from all over the U.K. as well as Denmark, USA, Canada, Spain and Germany. The lovely Old Nick pub, reserved just for my event, as always did us proud and was a hit with new and old attendees alike. We will be using the same venue next year again. Thanks to everyone for attending, I hope you all had a great time? I will be sending a personal thank-you note as usual via the e-mails given on the night.

As always, all lady and CD attendees received an attendance gift of a pair of stockings, and the “best dressed” parade resulted in some superb shows of fine lingerie and stockings, with three top prizes consisting of three corsets and stockings being awarded based on a "clappometer" basis from the crowd. All ladies taking part received also a pair of stockings as a thank-you gift.  Many of these fine stockings were provided by our long term friend and collaborator Davina Morris, - thanks Davina.

The requested Lingerie Raffle with prizes supplied by me resulted in the winning of 5 corsets. – Congratulations to the lucky winners! - Hope they all fit well!

I wish to thank Catherine, from Kiss Me Deadly for setting up a small area also with the lovely Jessica in attendance to allow the attendees the ability to actually buy some of their superb lingerie on the night.

Thanks to all who supported and gave positive comments on announcement and launch of our new lingerie and stockings online shop, - . Including my own brand real FF and RHT nylons. We look forward to welcoming more and more of you there. PLEASE remember to contact us if you are looking to participate as a blogger, forum contributor and/or chat room admin/moderator. All these things in the new shop will require YOUR active involvement to be successful, not just my inputs.  Contact me please either via my e-mail or via the shop e-mail. Thanks.
Kenn and I enjoyed our evening and look forward to seeing everyone again next year, perhaps also for another factory tour in the Spring?

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