Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nikkisnylons meeting report, Sheffield May 2010

Having just got back to Spain from England, we wanted to say a big THANK-YOU for all who attended my first North of England get together meeting in Sheffield on May 21st.
Expecting it to be smaller than my annual London meeting, I was REALLY pleased to find we had 45 people attending at the end of the evening. Good to see “regular” faces again, as well as so many “new” people. We had attendees from all over the U.K. as well as USA, France and Germany. We look forward to seeing you all again and many more in London in November.

As always, the evening wouldn’t be such a success without the support and sponsorship of certain companies and individuals, who (like myself), see Stockings and fine lingerie wearing as far more than “just a business” and who not only supply prizes and gifts, but also dedicate SO much of their personal time, as well as putting huge efforts into supporting us actively on and before the day itself.

This resulted in not only 3 superb prizes for the best dressed ladies in the parade all from Kiss Me Deadly, but also along with local sponsorships, many prizes going into a raffle, (Photo shoot in a studio from Hugger studios, www.huggerstudio.co.uk voucher for one of her fantastic and original hats from Imogen www.imogensimagination.co.uk ) vouchers for lingerie from www.nylondreams.co.uk, stockings, cincher, 10 drop suspender belt, satin 30s teddy/French knickers/belt set, etc from me personally, which made for a very successful evening for all the participants. – Well done to all the winners!

As always there were NO losers at the party as we had also discount vouchers on all tables for everyone to take away with them from www.hepburnandleigh.co.uk www.playfulpromises.com as well as vintage and modern stockings supplied from my collection and from David Morris, (- not a shop owner, but an aficionado donating, as always, from his private vintage collection), given to ALL ladies attending.

I wish to especially thank Sofire-Rosa ( http://www.sofire-rosa.com/ ) who was co-hostess of this evening, and spent time finding the venue, collecting prizes from warehouses, decorating the venue and making everything work AS WELL AS giving the entire room a very luscious Burlesque show at the beginning of the evening. – Thank-you dear! Special thanks also of course for Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly for once again supporting us and all attendees so fully. Please DO visit the sponsor’s websites and support them in return, - they deserve your custom!

Kenn and I enjoyed our evening and look forward to seeing everyone again in November, if not before.



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